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Trusted Advisors


As clients begin seeking clarity around their financial goals, they come to us with many things on their mind. How do I organize my financial affairs? How do I preserve and protect my life’s work? Who do I trust for planning, advice, and guidance?  When advisors are faced with these questions, they begin to seek answers to the following as well. How can I help my clients achieve financial security? How can I provide them with a more valuable outcome? What resources do I have to provide them with the best and most comprehensive advice? Where can I best be able to identify the blind spots?

We at Strategic Planning Associates work with advisors across the country to aide them in understanding the process by which we help our clients plan for the life they want to live. We work with them to provide you with the best they and we have to offer, and they have chosen to collaborate with our team to help you build your comprehensive financial plan. Together we form a heavily credentialed team of advisors and staff that take the time to get to know you personally, professionally, and financially.  Together we are process-driven advisors who collaborate with you to build a plan for your wealth.

We would like to acknowledge and appreciate the Advisors who have become some of our most valued advocates and thank them for putting their clients’ needs first.

Bruce Martin CLU®

Financial Advisor

Patrick A Di Cerbo CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®, MSFS, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

William V. San Román CFP®

Financial Advisor

Brad Harris Davidoff RICP®, ChFC®

Wealth Management Advisor

Thomas Sheridan MBA

Financial Advisor

Javier Lora

Financial Advisor

Richard J Jacobs LUTCF®, CLTC®

Financial Representative